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I am problem solver, who is both an aerospace engineer and a roboticist, looking for the most challenging problems in the world to solve.  I am passionate about learning, growing and having impact on the world, while bringing others along for the journey through teaching, mentoring, coaching and advocacy.  I believe in changing the world as an executive level engineer / scientist / technologist by changing the game to be a more inclusive and equitable experience for all.

My current research interests lie in innovating to achieve safe autonomy and developing ways to architect autonomous systems so that you can leverage techniques like machine learning and still verify the system. 

Presentation and Article Highlights

What is artificial intelligence?

On February 12th, 2023 Nia discussed Fairness In Tech, the importance of data and accessibility on a panel at the Gathering Spot in DC.  Full video coming soon!

Project Highlights

amazon robot image

Roboticist / Executive Engineer

Engineering leader identifying & solving challenges to enable robot deployment in unstructured environments to help people. Led an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) team as Chief Engineer through analysis & requirements definition achieving safety case sign off from the external assessor as a milestone to safety certification.

Cyber, AI & Data Tech Strategy

Technology strategy leader represented thousands of engineers as leader of the technology planning process, provided direction & synthesized input from hundreds of technical experts into actionable business insight for the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to use to drive the Long Range Business Plan.

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GNC and Autonomy

Algorithm analysis/design and leadership for multiple satellites.  Developed innovative algorithms that are flying, enabling critical autonomous systems, today. Ensured hardware designs supported autonomy needs. Won employee of the month for innovative leadership in developing a mass properties envelope for the GPSIIF suite of 12 satellites

Teaching, Education and Training

Enabling AI education for all by defining and organizing content aligned with different personas for the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) Program office while leading the AI/ML Education and Training Committee.

Mission Support

Successfully delivered 14 satellites to customers by providing launch and early orbit support on console from the El Segundo Mission Control Center.  Roles varied from Spacecraft Engineer to various Autonomy and Attitude Control Systems (ACS) subject matter expert and leadership roles

Presentations and Panels

Delivers keynotes, speaks, advises, presents and sits on panels discussing Robotics, Rocket Science, Autonomy, AI, her vision of the future, her career, and other topics. She enjoys sharing complex topics simply in written and spoken form. 


May 2007

M.S. Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering • Stanford University

Focus on Dynamics and Controls
Research Project: Stanford Space Systems Development Lab (April 2006 – May 2007)
Software Engineer in the development of a CubeSat (10cm cubed) Satellite to demonstrate communication functionality between 3 CubeSats

June 2000

B.S. Mathematics with Computer Science • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Focus on Artificial Intelligence, minor in Earth Atmospheric and Planetary Science
Research Project: Observational Techniques in Astronomy Lab, Re-derived the constant in Kepler’s 3rd Law of Orbital Mechanics (T ≈ Ka^3/2) by taking CCD images of Jupiter and the Galilean Satellites (Jupiter’s four inner-most moons) and analyzing the data. 


Data Analysis


Programming Language

Technology Planning



Hobbies & Interest